Sunday, February 28, 2010

32 Ford 3-W Coupe Parts

We just finished a custom headlite bar for a 32 Ford 3-Window Coupe. We built an adjustment system by machining stainless steel balls for the Indian Motorcycle headlites to fit on the stock Ford headlite bar. The customer requested that all wires be hidden in the bar. So a channel was cut in the bar for 2 wires to sit in below. After final assembly the channel will be epoxied closed and painted. This turned very well. Take a look at the pictures.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The bicycles in the pictures are my latest addiction. The one with the motor is a 1946 Monark Rocket with a Grubee GT-5 Motorbicycle conversion added to it. Being a machinist you always find ways to improve things so we made a new drive hub and chain tensioner. Also a custom gas tank. I will be selling some of these to the public after the prototypes have proven themselves. The other bike is a 1941 Schwinn Majestic. It is an original survivior! It is really a lot of fun to ride these bikes. People constantly stop you to ask what you are riding and what's the story behind them. The Car is a 1967 Nova that I'am restoring. When the car is done it should look like a genuine super stock drag race car from the 60's. This car has all period correct speed parts and accesories. Like Chrome reverse wheels,Cheater Slicks An original Sun Tach, Stewart Warner oil and water gauges, A Hurst floor shift and an NOS Pontiac Super Duty hood scoop. It will be hand lettered just like race cars where back in the day. I will be posting more Pictures as progress moves forward.

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