Saturday, June 22, 2013

Scott Fuel Injection

My Friend and Customer Dave Burke has me help him on occasion with some really cool projects for his stable of very traditional hot rods. His Model A coupe for example. I machined the block and prepared the valve train on his Ford Flathead some time ago. Dave is a trained tool and die maker himself and has the ability to create stuff right out off the top of his head. The pictures may not show it well but the intake manifold and cylinder heads are built from scratch by Dave. This last winter he called me to pick my brain about mechanical fuel injection and this is what  he came up with. This is pattered from a Scott Fuel Injector kit    you could buy in the Mid

   fifties. The kit changed your stromberg 97 carbs into fuel injectors using this kit. Today these are super rare. Dave copied his and fiqured out how to make it work from the Sept 58 Rod and Custom magazine article that featured a Scott Fuel Injector. The car runs very well and the injectors are like jewlery. A job well done If you see one of Dave's cars at a show Check it out you'll be amazed at the little details he incorperates into his cars, and most are hand made by him.

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  1. Would a Scott c-303 pump work with my old Scott 8 stack sbc? It's a fairly small unit, and the only pump I've been able to find is a 303. Should I hold out for a c-101?