Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tach Housing for Barn Find 32 Ford

We finished up the Corvette tach housing for the 32 Ford in the prior post. The Housing started out as a solid bar of 6061 aluminum round stock. It was bored in the lathe then split in the saw to create the bezel, a spacer to perfectly adjust the height of the tach inside the housing and the housing itself. Some milling was done to mill slots for the tach cable and mounting screws. We used slotted pan head screws to be more period correct. The entire assembly was polished and a small bracket was welded together after hammer forming two strips of steel to the required radius for the tach housing and the steering column. The bracket was mig welded to give the bracket an appearance of being gas welded.(tig was not available to the average hot rodder in the 50's). I think it turned out cool. Alot of people just can't figure out where that tach came from. What brand is it? What car is it from.It's fun to hear what people think it's out of. We have done our job if people can't figure out if it's real or not.

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