Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year, New Projects.

Happy New Year everyone! We have a few updates and new projects to show you. First off was a special project I did for my nephew at Christmas. A vintage Tonka Pickup Truck and Horse Trailer.This truck is about a 1963 and represents a GM product and a generic single axle horse trailer. As of the past few years, Vintage pressed steel toy trucks built from the 20's until 1970 have become collectable and VERY expensive. As a result people have started to reproduce parts, decals and matched paint for a correct restoration just like real cars. This one was rough and I paid $30 bucks for it at a flea market. I stripped the paint off using the electrolisis process. The dents where removed and it was primed and painted with auto paint(base clear)The chrome was cleaned and polished and the wheels and tires cleaned and detailed. This was a fun project that was outside the norm and made a little boy very happy this Christmas. Next up is the 428 Ford project we have been working on is just about ready for dyno testing. We have to wait for better weather to get accurate test results. We will post the test and it's results later. After that will be a full engine build for a 67 Oldsmobile 400. These are fairly rare so we will be doing a restoration with a few tricks to pep it up a bit and still look stock. The Final item on the list is a project that has been on my mind since we helped work on my friend Dave's fuel injection unit he built from scratch. We have started on our own version of the Scott Fuel Injector. We have a few parameters to work within. 1. we will run on gas for street use and methanol for track use. That means the injector has to be servicable. 2. Street use means engine must idle good and operate well at wide open throttle. This is a tall order with mechanical injection. The Scott unit lends itself well to this application. We spent alot of time with guy's at Hilborn Injection at this years PRI show. They pointed us in the right direction with many tips and tricks. The picture shown is my version of a barrel valve and will allow us to get the performance on the street that where after. We will keep you updated as we move along.

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