Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Update on the Scott Fuel Injection Experiment

We started working on the concept of mechanical fuel injection about a year and a half ago. A little pet project to put on my 6 cylinder chevy. We used a Scott Fuel Injection setup from the early 50's to base our prototype. This has gone way beyond a simple project. We have learned so much from this experiment. The engine is running and we used it on the street and did a little spirited driving. It went to the track but other problems forced us not to test it under racing conditions yet. It has been somewhat streetable(gas mileage is terrible). The engine does not like stop and go traffic. What it does like is an open road and rpm above 2000. It is really happy at that pace. It also has a snappy response at any speed which makes it fun to drive. Next spring there will be two injectors hanging off the side and a period correct top end oiling system that will help with fuel washout on the cylinder walls. stat tuned for more.

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