Saturday, February 18, 2012

Harley Davidson Knuckle Head

Our next job involves the restoration of a set of Harley Davidson Knuckle Head cylinder heads. I'am not a Harley expert but i do know that these heads and a knuckle head for that matter is extremley rare and valuable. The heads are in poor shape and will require some extensive machining to get them to a useable state but also they need to look like brand new. These heads have been repaired a few times in thier lifetime as there is spots of brazing in several spots. The heads have passed crack inspection. The next step is going to be to bake them at around 400 degrees the lead shot blast. This will cook off all the years of grime and gook that a solvent tank and a brush can't get too. The next step is too repair the threaded holes in the deck of the head. We will not be using helicoils. next will be a light machining to the deck of both heads. We will first need to build a fixture to hold on the head casting. Stay tuned this should be interesting.

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