Saturday, February 18, 2012

Supercharger Shaft Finished.

Thought I would show some more of the operations done to the superharger shaft assembly. The main shaft has a square machined on both ends to act as a key for the flange and the front hub. this eliminates using woodruf keys and square key stock that you would normally find in an application like this. This design is much less prone to crack and metal fatique goes way down being that there is no slots cut into high stress areas along the shaft. The degree wheel is mounted on the end of the shaft and a pointer is clamped to the table. You machine a flat to the desired depth every 90 degrees. If you read the degree wheel with a magnifier you can be extremly accurate. my index equipment was set up for making gears so i had to use a different method. There is always a few ways to attack jobs in a machine shop. The shaft assembly is finished now. the customer is installing it soon. I hope to get photos of the car to post here soon.

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